1st Green Colour Band Rodenticide On The Market

It is shortened bait program requires less bait and it has been formulated with the active ingredient Cholecalciferol, which allows rodents to only eat a small lethal dosage, leaving more for the rest of the colony reducing bait usage and waste. Efekto Eco Rat™ contains the ingredient Bitrex to help prevent accidental consumption by children and it has the durability to hold up in tough conditions. 

Where can it be used? 
Indoor and outdoor use in bait stations.

How to get the best results:
Efekto Eco Rat™ patented formulation uses the active ingredient cholecalciferol. The rodent bait demonstrates proven palatability and is readily consumed by rats and mice in field trials, even when other food sources are available.  No resistance to cholecalciferol has been found in rats or mice, and the development of resistance is considered highly unlikely because of its mode of action.

Rats and mice will consume a vast quantity of Eco Rat™ once it is applied due its high palatability. Replenish the bait the next day to ensure sufficient bait is on offer for the entire population of rodents.  Do not expect to see dead rodents until the fourth day after the first bait was placed out even though rodent activity may reduce significantly. 

Search the premises for dead rodents from the fourth morning after the first bait was placed out especially if their burrows have been identified. Rodents may perish anywhere, and it is therefore expected that bad odours may be present for a few days if dead rodents are not collected and disposed of. Rodents do not mummify as it is commonly believed, they will decompose with resultant bad odours. 

Rodents will never disappear as the populations are well established and their numbers vast. It is advisable to always remain vigilant for their presence and once they are noticed bait must be placed out without delay.

Toxicological Profile:
Studies show cholecalciferol has a favourable toxicological profile with low toxicity to most mammals and avian species, but with rodents showing a particular sensitivity. Overall, the likelihood of adverse exposure to non-target animals via secondary poisoning is limited. Available secondary poisoning studies repeatedly demonstrate minimal adverse effects to non-target animals.

Secondary Toxicity:
Efekto Eco Rat™ is intended to be used in burrows and at covered and protected bait points, which will limit environmental exposure. Compared to most coumaryl rodenticides cholecalciferol is much more compatible with owls. The avian toxicity is very low therefore the chances of secondary poisoning if an owl eats a rodent that ingested cholecalciferol are extremely limited.