Virtual Discussion Series: valuable lessons learnt during lockdown

  • 17 Augustus 2020
  • 1210

As lockdown regulations are further relaxed and South Africa prepares to fully reopen its economy, it is important to pause and reflect on the lessons learned from the Covid-19 crisis. This is especially applicable within the agricultural value chain.

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Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) Virtual Discussion Series – Wine Industry

  • 11 Augustus 2020
  • 1392

South African wine producers, like their global counterparts, are left reeling from the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry. An initial ban, imposed when lockdown began at the end of March, lasted for nine weeks – and for five of those weeks, wine exports were also banned. On 12 July, amid soaring rates of Covid-19 infections, President Cyril Ramaphosa re-imposed the ban on the sale, dispensing and distribution of alcohol.

Lees Meer

Agricultural Value Chain virtual discussion series – alcohol industry

  • 11 Augustus 2020
  • 1543

It is estimated that the recommencement of the ban on alcohol sales would affect up to one million people working within this industry value chain. This includes the likes of producers, manufactures, wholesalers and retailers of beer, wine, spirits and flavoured alcoholic beverages.

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Constraints to growing Agriculture and broadening the inclusion of youth and women in the sector

  • 10 Julie 2020
  • 1963

The eleventh session of the Agriculture Value Chain | Discussion series is a two-part discussion tackling issues that constrict youth inclusion and transformation in the South African agricultural landscape.

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'AVC Food Umbrella' kry momentum

​Senwes vat hande met landboubesighede en rolspelers in die waardeketting met die loodsing van die 'Agri Value Chain Food Umbrella’. Die doel van die inisiatief is om die gebrek aan voedsel en desperaatheid wat in arm gemeenskappe ervaar word, waar die vernietigende effek van die grendeltyd baie meer algemeen is, aan te spreek.

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