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The debate on which handgun is the best

Similar to the choice of a calibre of hunting rifle, the debate about the best hand weapon is not easy to solve. Requirements relating to a hand weapon differ, as well as people's opinion regarding a good hand weapon. Fortunately there are enough options and each person can buy what he regards as comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable.

In the next Senwes Scenario

The long wait for the new and improved Senwes Scenario is almost over, and to keep you informed and your appetite sharpened, these articles should tide you over before the next print copy arrives in your mail box.

Senwes Answers the Call to Fill Cape Town’s Cup

Senwes has always championed the plight of farmers who strive to remain productive even under the most difficult conditions. As seen with the initiation of the Drought Aid fund of 2016.

A healthy meal is important for every type of dog. If you’re a proud dog owner, you understand that a meal is about more than satisfying hunger; it’s about the nutrients, proteins and fats that help your pet’s body develop in the healthiest way. It’s for this reason that Optimizor® has improved their recipe and launched a new range and new packaging....

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