Senwes Grainlink is super-fit for the intake of the largest maize crop ever!!

Grainlink Silo Operations continuously investigate new technology and optimises current assets and processes, in order to be able to render faster and more effective service to customers by means of effective management. Senwes did research amongst it customers and the message was clear: “We want to deliver our grain faster and at higher moisture percentages.” The faster farmers can deliver grain, the fast their turnaround time and the faster they can participate in the market. It also speeds up their harvesting time.
Critical silos were identified and strategies were implemented to increase the intake rate at silos. It minimised the bottle-neck effect, increased the flow of trucks and, if necessary, an additional weigh-bridge will be installed. The weighing-in and weighing-out rate was increased through this process. The shortened turnaround time and even flow also support the farmer's harvesting process.
The effective handling and storage of grain require an interaction between knowledge, discipline and, very important, the correct application of reliable equipment. Grain dryers and aeration are used to dry the grain, bring it to the correct level of dryness and to cool it down. It enables Senwes to offer the following to its customers who wish to deliver grain at a higher moisture percentage, at no cost:
  • Sunflower with a moisture percentage of up to 12%.
  • Soya beans with a moisture percentage of up to 14% moisture.
  • Maize with a moisture percentage of up to 16% (already 18% at certain silos). 
Senwes invests capital in the maintenance and technological development of its infrastructure and ensures that the handling and storage service adds value for the customer.
2017 Crop year
2017 is an exceptional year and a 15,63 million maize crop (according to the National Crop Estimate) will pose many challenges, which will include sufficient storage capacity, the rate of the weighing-in and weighing-out process and the intake of grain at a higher moisture percentage.
The large crop puts pressure on the storage capacity of Senwes, particularly in areas where the yield will be more than the average long-term yield. However, Senwes Grainlink timeously indentified silo areas where storage capacity will be problematic and additional storage capacity was created in the form of silo bags and bunkers at certain silos. Additional capacity was created at: Wolwehoek, Rooiwal, Viljoenskroon, Vierfontein and Raathsvlei.
Vierfontein silo

Wolwehoek silo

Viljoenskroon silo

Senwes Grainlink also moves grain to alternative silos after hours, in order to accommodate producers at silos as close as possible to their production areas. 
We would like to reconfirm that concrete silos are still the safest storage method and, for this reason, all available capacity in a specific silo area will be utilised first before alternative storage facilities will be erected. 
Senwes Grainlink Market Access
Senwes Grainlink would like to make a difference to the marketability of the grain products of customers and 13 different pre-season contracts are available from which a customer can chose in respect of the hedging of his grain marketing strategy.
Senwes Grainlink also established Basislink, which is an on-line platform and which provides buyers of grain with an opportunity to compete for grain at a specific silo at a specific premium at a specific time, on an equal and transparent basis. In turn it offers the farmer an opportunity to sell his grain at a specific silo at a specific premium at a specific time.
Senwes Graanmakelaars specialises in the trading of derivative instruments on the JSE and its focus is to increase the profitability of the farmer and the end consumer through expert advice and the utilisation of appropriate strategies for all market conditions. 
Grainlink Market Access is the answer to sustainable long-term price management!
Senwes would like to award its loyal customers over the long term and for this reason, an AgriRewards loyalty scheme has been launched, which is already operational:
AgriRewards is a deferred bonus scheme in terms of which Senwes awards a large portion of its profit to customers every year to award them for loyal business during the year. The bonus is paid out in cash in the year in which the allocation comes to an end. All grain deliveries to Senwes silos qualify for the bonus allocation. 
For any enquiries, please contact:
Pieter Malan, Executive Manager: Grainlink, at 018 464 7395
Graham Lottering, Operational Manager, Silo Operations, at 018 464 7625,
Wimpie Bouwer, Manager: Grainlink Market Access, at 018 464 7695