Agri-companies assist with the survival of agriculture at the Blue School

According to the marketing manager at the school, Riaan Burger, millions of rands have been spent by companies and stakeholders to promote the revival of agriculture at the Blue School. The following are sponsors, Senwes being one of them:
  • Senwes takes soil samples and does mapping. It has even made a John Deere tractor and planter available.
  • Kynoch takes soil samples, does mapping and supplies fertiliser.
  • Omnia, Profert, Sidi Parani and Vitas supply fertiliser.
  • Laeveld AgroChem, Nulandis and Villa Crop supply weed-killers.
  • MBFI and Crofft assist with foliage nutrients and seed treatment.
  • Barn Lab supplies rations for the Santa Gertrudis stud.
  • Cipla Agrimed is the pharmaceutical sponsor for the stud.
  • The Department of Education assists with financing. Riaan specifically mentions that EP Nel, provincial facilitator for agriculture in the Free State and chairman of the South African Agricultural Teachers Union (SAATU), plays a huge role in empowering agricultural learners in a sensible manner.
In this manner, with a full-fledged agri-school, learners can gain practical experience and knowledge. The school runs a precision crop farming operation, an established pecan nut orchard under irrigation and is in the process of building up a stud. The farm also serves as site for trials by a number of agri-companies.