East Now Also Senwes Territory

A total of 300 producers and guests attended, 100 at each opening, and the message was clear that Senwes is here to make a difference - an agri-company which has been operating for 109 years and is known for its integrity, loyalty and professionalism in all its agri-business activities.

The management team from Senwes head office in Klerksdorp were also present to demonstrate their involvement. Senwes Chief Executive Officer, Francois Strydom, confirmed that Senwes' growth was due to expansions such as those in the Eastern Cape and that it was always a privilege to do business with customers. The new branches have been operating since 2016 and 2017 and Strydom said: “We believe that actual expansion cannot be proven or demonstrated at opening ceremonies, but by actual investment in assets, stock and skilled staff. It is no art to supply a product or service to a customer. It is an art, however, to provide solutions to customers.”

He also said that Senwes as company conducts business in the channel between the primary input supplier and the producer, as well as between the primary producer and the processor.

“Talk is cheap. A customer will only believe you once he sees large investments on a sustainable basis in his community. When you become part of the community, in the form of fixed assets, stock and particularly staff. That is what enables you to do business,” Strydom said.

Executive manager of Senwes Equipment, Ferdie Pieterse, said that the three branches form part of a total of 18 workshops country-wide, with 165 members of staff, 61 technicians, 28 apprentices and 52 service vehicles, as well as 27 branches where spares are available.

“We were given an opportunity here and our contract was extended to serve East London as well. It is a huge area with a lot of customers and we want to service you with the utmost respect.” Pieterse added that their services included sales, spares and repairs and that a second-hand unit was operating in Kroonstad. Finance is extended by John Deere Financial, which offers unbeatable interest rates.

Producers added their bit to compliment Senwes Equipment. Charles van der Spuy at Aliwal-North said: “My experience and perception were that Senwes is just another agri-company in the Free State. However, I have realised since the Senwes Equipment Expo last year that it really focuses on the customer. I bought a tractor from Senwes Equipment, which changed my farming operations drastically. I also experienced technology in my farming operations. The small things make a huge difference. I experienced a team which is really different.”

At Ugie Karel Bezuidenhout, a big John Deere supporter, said: “These guys are not scared of distance. Thank you to Senwes Equipment for being willing to expand to this area. We are looking forward to facing the future with you. I am a John Deere man. John Deere is not only a tractor. It is a way of living.”

Also at Ugie, another producer Samson Tauzeni, said that “it is an absolute pleasure to do business with Senwes. They have only been good to us, parts within 24 hours and good relationships are Senwes Equipment - a fresh breeze in our area. You are a respected trademark, you have tough tractors and excellent service. Farming is like shaving - if you do it today you have to do it again tomorrow.” He thanked every member of staff by name, which confirmed that a good relationship between the customer and Senwes Equipment has already been established.

The branch managers Nelis van Heerden in Aliwal-North and Ugie and Riaan Grobler in East London explained the difference which Senwes is making. “We increased our market from 6% to 47% at Aliwal and Ugie after only 20 months and from 3% tot 24% in 9 months in East London." That really says a lot.

Welcome to the Eastern Cape, Senwes Equipment!