Everything that you can map - that is Senwes Geographic Information System (GIS)

Information services offered by GIS

  • Purpose-specific farm and area maps with GPS co-ordinates
  • Aerial photographs, High resolution aerial photographs - 50cm resolution and even better
  • Thematic maps, data-collection maps, analytical maps, planning maps, network cards, presentation maps, publication maps, atlases and aerial photo maps (area-specific on demand)
  • Chemical analysis maps, location and area maps.

In today's very competitive agricultural world you need the head start and advantage offered by mapping. Maps offer a schematic representation of anything in the industry, such as a map of the Nampo Harvest Day, Senwes Silo Operations, points of delivery in your region, business partners or mills in your area or the whole country or in the world. There are no limits - wherever you find yourself in the value chain, the Senwes GIS-division can assist you.

*Maps are provided in sizes varying from A4 to A0 and lamination can be done on request.

To make use of these services, contact the Senwes GIS-specialists, who will deal with your information on a confidential basis. Should you require more information the GIS-staff will assist you in this regard.

Anelda Swanepoel 
018 464 7390
Ronel Koen 
Tel 018 464 7382