Fall armyworm update

The insect, native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas, has in the past two years surfaced across Africa and in the eastern and central regions of South Africa. The Fall Armyworm feeds mainly on grass and small grains like corn, but it has been noted to consume more than eighty different types of plants.  South African producers are advised to adhere to the rules and regulations in place for the control of fall armyworm to limit the pest’s spread and damage. 
To combat the spread of fall armyworm across the African continent, international experts gathered together to produce a new comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) guide to help farmers combat the spread of the pest.

In addition to all other efforts to curb the extent of damage caused by the Fall Armyworm, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation have created a mobile application FAMEWS (Fall Armyworm Monitoring & Early Warning System) to help farmers and extension officers to collect and record information when scouting fields and checking pheromone traps for Fall Armyworm.

The application is meant to be used by countries affected by the FAW in Africa. For more information on the application visit e-agriculture.org.