Get ready for the season of kings

It is now the time to put your lawns on the right track for the summer. Cut lawns very short and if the lawn is not level, fill it up with a top dressing. It is also good to aerate the lawn with a spiked roller or by making holes in the lawn with a garden fork. 

Good fertiliser or a layer of manure will ensure that your grass shoots green sprouts in no time. Remember to water well after manuring. A beautiful lawn is the most important element of a beautiful garden. 

Perennials such as Clivias and Agapanthus can still be planted. Clivias are flowering now and it is a good time to visit your garden center to see exactly which colour you are buying. All the favourites are available by now. Plan your garden by creating focus points. 

Fertilise aggressively and make sure that you place a layer of mulch in your flowerbeds to keep the soil cool and to prevent evaporation. It will save you money and water in the long run. Remember, water is valuable and less does not become more.

Nothing beats organic vegetables, fruit and herbs. I suggest that you convert part of your garden into a food paradise. Tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, beans and brinjals are easy to grow and look attractive and it gives endless pleasure when picked fresh from the garden. As far as herbs are concerned, oregano, thyme, mint and basil are a must. You could even plant these in pots close to the kitchen for easy access. Mint likes a lot of water, so place the pot under a tap to keep it wet.

Please remember not to plant any plant deeper than the level at which it is planted in its current bag, pot or soil.

Use as little as possible herbicides and insecticides. There is so much advice available regarding organic plants and with the assistance of Google, there are no excuses to pollute our earth. Now that it is warmer, water your garden later to prevent unnecessary evaporation. 
Enjoy the season of kings!