How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

Let's look at hunting goggles in general.

Firstly, the reason for the above ruling.

Firstly, for safety reasons - accidents happen.  I never used to wear hunting goggles, until approximately six months ago.  Let me tell you about it.

Here in Kroonstad at the shooting range, one person made a mistake, which can be made by any one of us.  He loaded the wrong gun with the wrong ammunition and lost sight in one eye as a result.  Accidents happen very easily.  Believe me, nowadays I always wear protective goggles at the shooting range.

It is important to know that there is a difference between safety goggles (available from Hinterland branches) and hunting goggles.  The biggest difference between the two is in the quality and colour of the lenses.  While safety goggles only offer protection, hunting goggles with quality lenses can help you see your target better, which will help you to be more accurate.

There is no need to spend thousands of rands on hunting goggles, but take care not to buy goggles with plastic lenses which are claimed to be impact resistant.  These goggles do not meet the necessary safety standards.

Goggles used or sold for hunting/shooting purposes have to meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.  ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute.

Glass lenses and any other type of lens which will splinter when it breaks are not recommended for use as hunting/shooting goggles.

Hunting goggles come with different lens colours, namely transparent lenses, yellow lenses, amber or red lenses.  Unfortunately you have to decide what suits you best.  I cannot shoot with yellow lenses in bright sunlight.  It is too bright and gives me a headache.  In poor light, however, yellow lenses work very well for me.

The lenses must also create a clear contrast between the different colours.  It should not illuminate the target.

Make sure that the hunting goggles fit comfortably on your face.  You do not want a pair of goggles which slips off all the time, resulting in the frames obstructing your view.  The bridge of the goggles should preferably be made of soft rubber, which will prevent the goggles from slipping off your nose.

Remember, ordinary prescription glasses do qualify for sufficient eye protection.  However, they are not hunting-friendly due to the frame.  Some hunting goggles make provision for prescription lenses and hunting goggles which fit over your prescription glasses are also available.

Evidently it is not so simple to just buy a pair of hunting goggles.  There is surely a reason why the more experienced hunters are of the opinion that the second pair of hunting goggles you buy is normally the expensive pair.

Visit any Hinterland weapon outlet - they will assist you with the process of choosing the right goggles.

Hunting greetings, and as the man in Potch says, don't shake so much that you miss the target.
Jaco Kruger obtained his national colours in Benchrest shooting and represented his county on numerous occasions.  He is also an active SA Hunter member.