In the next Senwes Scenario

We take a look at a few interesting facts about rain and raindrops while we also share some insightful quotes about  rain, floods and the prayer days for rains which were held all over the country. Even our cartoon by Peter Mascher illustrates how producers feel about rain.
Another welcome announcement is the launch of OneAgri which will allow you to access various Senwes digital platforms with just one identity. Then we chat to the very first producer who registred for AgriRewards, Pierre van Eeden as he convinces other producers to sign up for the rewards programme as well.
At Agrivan Farm it is figuratively raining John Deeres as Sewes Equipment Wholegoods Marketer in Hoopstad, Kwek Dietrichsen lets us in on the fact that he sold 33 of the 39 John Deere tractors on the farm. As surprised as we were by the rains, so too Gert or Gerlu Roos was surprised when his name was drawn as the winner of the John Deere Gator 855D. 
Our resident expert Thys Grobbelaar has something to say about rain forecasts in Come Rain or Shine and in his Market forecasts while Susari Geldenhuys looks at market trends in Safex Scenarios with Susari. Another good read to look forward to is Jan-Lodewyk Serfontein’s second hunting column.
Don’t miss these and many more interesting articles in the December 2016/ January 2017 edition of Senwes Scenario.
Have a blessed and rainy Christmas and everything of the best for you and yours in 2017.