It's fly time with Hinterland

You try to keep things clean, you try to empty the bin often and tie the trash liners, but no matter how much effort is put in, sometimes we are faced with the embarrassment of guests seeing maggots crawl from somewhere you swore you cleaned just yesterday. With your hands in your hair, you ask what can be done? We have the answers. Flies are not simply an irritation, they carry disease from places you don’t want to think about and spread these via your food and surfaces. For your family’s health, let’s review the solutions. Fly control is based on four principles, space sprays, residual spray, bait and traps. For the most effective control, all four principles can be applied together, but let’s look at each individually:
Space Sprays
Regarded as the most effective control method for flies. Flies are exposed to the product in flight, while they are most active, thus absorbing the product faster. It also creates a repellency effect to keep new flies out of the treated area. Coopers Ultramatic Fly Killer, which is based on natural ingredients (making it safe for use in kitchens, etc.), should be applied uniformly, using the Coopers Eco Dispenser. This is very important to create that repellency effect. One can will last one month and treats up to 180m3.
Residual Sprays
A longer lasting control method, which requires some equipment and safety gear (such as gloves) can give highly effective results. Products are mixed with water and lightly sprayed to surfaces where flies rest. These include windows, ceiling fans, dustbins, etc. Coopers Ultrakill Wettable Powder comes in convenient 5g watersoluble sachets, reducing contact to the insecticide and allows simple 1ℓ spray bottles, that are readily available, to be used. Remember to always perforate and flatten these containers after use. 
This method incorporates either a source of food or a reproduction lure to attract flies to the insecticide at which point they come into contact with it or it is ingested. Coopers Ultrakill Fly Bait uses both methods in one product and allows for easy application with four simple methods. Choose the one that works best for you and enjoy the results. 

Sometimes seen as messy, traps have their place. They are seen as a set-up-and-forget method, yielding great results. Flyzone Disposables are easy to set up and can simply be thrown away after use. Or if you are familiar with traps, save some money and buy the reusable units.