A prosperous New Year

We were challenged time and time again with extreme events. Due to these circumstances our customer base - farmers and producers - became the focus of everything that went wrong over the past 100 years since 1913, as far as land is concerned. They have to bear the brunt of it. Our customer base still managed to produce a 17,2 million ton crop and thereafter a 13 million ton maize crop, despite low international commodity prices and no government subsidies. 

They also ensured that, as far as other protein and fibre sources are concerned, the South African population of 57 million people had affordable, sufficient and safe food. This is a remarkable feat. They were also able to produce food for 65% of the 250 million people in the SADC and could produce enough maize, fibre and meat to export during these two years - also a remarkable feat. Looking into the future in this political climate is a challenge. I have a lot of hope and I know that this generation, like previous generations, is equipped to deal with these challenges. It does not only go about the skills of our customer base on the production side and on the processing side, or about their capacity and abilities. It also goes about their will and attitude and particularly their faith - the fact that they do not only perform in order to generate an income, but also because they are motivated and they have a reason to perform.

I would like to wish you everything of the best for 2019. May you and your loved ones enjoy this time of rest. May you find fulfillment in your faith. I would also like to wish you well for 2019. Thank you for supporting Senwes and its personnel and thank you for doing your bit for the sector. Do what you have to do to make a contribution to the community and the country at large. I have so much respect for you, working in a sustainable manner in the food value chain - it is something to be proud of. Senwes has high expectations for 2019 - we will make it work!

Kind regards

Francois Strydom