Newbie breeder Hinterland National Interbreed Bull Champion 2018

At the 2018 Alfa Expo in Parys, a relatively new breeder, Raymund de Villiers, won this year's title as Hinterland National Interbreed Bull Champion.

He achieved this with his bull named Ace. Raymund is very pleased. "It is unbelievable, that is the only way I can describe it." Raymund is from the farm Joubertsrus in the Sannieshof district, where he farms with SantaRay Santa Gertrudis stud animals. He is very proud, as he puts it, “to have won the Nampo of the cattle world - there is nothing better.”

On the question as to his role model in the breeding industry, he mentions the name Willie de Jager, also a big Santa breeder and judge - “I have never received bad advice from Willie.” It is a competitive industry and little bits of information are gathered as breeders phone one another and exchange information. Raymund says that his wife Irma, who has a B.Sc Animal Science degree behind her name, supports him a lot.

The question on everyone's lips is, why did his bull win the title this year? “He has a very strong loin area and his hair quality was exceptional on the day,” Raymond said proudly.

Hinterland's Phillip Lee, Manager, Livestock Farming Solutions, who visited Raymund with Senwes Scenario, said: “There were no poor quality bulls. Ace is one of only a few bulls within his huge meat capacity which is not overly fat. That is what carried him through. He is definitely a bull with strong muscles and he carries a lot of meat. Raymond added: "I did something right here.”

The unexpected fame was also placed on social media - he received a lot of friendship requests on Facebook in a very short time - “the number of people who know me now is amazing!” He is also known in Senwes circles as a Senwes Credit and Certisure client.

The title is not for him only. The Hinterland Interbreed Bull Champion prize opens doors for the industry and it makes one excited to show and to lend prestige to the shows.

He has four children, Lizette, Pieter, Almiré and Ray - only Almiré seems to be a potential successor for her father, since she is very involved in youth shows.

His advice to other breeders is to love what they do. If you like the breed which you work with, you will be successful. The next step? I would really love to win the Hinterland Interbreed Cow Championships as well.

Congratulations on this huge achievement Raymund! Senwes Scenario shares your joy. Keep on breeding!