Preparation for the coming season

It is so comforting that it can be done with the Senwes Equipment team at hand to assist you with the necessary equipment, input, service and assistance which may be required for a successful planting season. Senwes Equipment is working on a number of products at present to enable you, the customer, to go into this year with the peace of mind and quality.

 Senwes workshop inspection programme

We are busy with a first in agriculture - an inspection programme offered by Senwes Equipment. Your machine is checked according to a 150-point fully tested and designed programme at a very reasonable fee. The benefits for you as customer are peace of mind by knowing that your machine gives you the necessary up-time when you require it, a positive growth in the value of your machine and machines can be inspected throughout the year. A full quotation is provided to proactively solve all possible problems which your machine may have. Unnecessary down time during the season is prevented. Your machine is checked by a John Deere qualified technician and the inspection can be done on the farm. Quality service is available at all times at your nearest Senwes workshop.

John Deere powergard

 Another first and new product is the John Deere Powergard extended guarantee, which we offer in co-operation with John Deere. The product is an extended guarantee which can be financed with your machine. The extended guarantee offered on the different machines is for a period of 1 to 5 years and up to 5 000 hours. Different packages are available at different prices on all our John Deere machines. What peace of mind to know that the value of your machine will be influenced positively at a minimal price and that an extended guarantee can be obtained on all your John Deere machines to ensure that your machine keeps running with guaranteed John Deere spares and trained technicians?

 Senwes equipment service plan

Something which we have been waiting for a long time is the service plan which you can finance with your new John Deere product to ensure that the services of your new machine can be done by Senwes for a period of 3 years or 3 000 hours. The service plan is available for the 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000-series tractors up to our flagship 9000-series, as well as all self-propelled John Deere products which you may purchase. It will enable you to manage your financial expenditure more effectively and to limit unnecessary expenditure. The plan is managed by Senwes and is executed by your nearest Senwes workshop in the comfort of your own farm with all possible service costs covered. These are the new products offered by Senwes Equipment to ensure that your new machines are taken care of and that every machine is fully utilised, with the knowledge that you will experience complete peace of mind in the hands of the Senwes Equipment team. Best wishes for the coming planting season. Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Senwes workshop or whole goods marketer to prevent disappointment.