Senwes Proud To Be Part of First Nampo Cape

Senwes was also a main sponsor of South Africa’s premiere Agri-talkshow, Nation in Conversation, which live-streamed discussions on agricultural topics from Nampo Cape.

Nampo Cape is the sister event of the Nampo Harvest Day, held annually near Bothaville in the Free State. The Agri-festival is considered the biggest event on the SA Agri-calendar attracting over 80 000 people this year. GrainSA, the organisers of the show’s hopes that the Cape version of the festival attract more than 10 000 visitors was exceeded when 16 245 people attended the show over the three days.

JDI’s MD Emilius Tomlinson said the event exceeded his expectations. “We had a record turnover in terms of John Deere toys and clothing, and we also experienced an unprecedented amount of leads and interest in our John Deere and JCB machines. I would like to commend the organisers for an awesome event and to assure Nampo Cape that JDI will be back next year, bigger and better!”

Despite the windy weather conditions, local and international visitors flocked to the event which saw more visitors attending on the first day than the number of visitors who attended the entire event last year which was managed by different organisers.

Nation in Conversation hosted discussions on:

  • How do we create new energy in agriculture.
  • The role of intensive livestock farming in sustainable meat production (focus on sheep).
  • What does the future hold for all stakeholders in the barley industry?
  • Training and training facilities in Agriculture, consolidation or specialisation?
  • Youth Focus
  • Visit the Nation in Conversation website at to watch the full shows.

Show anchor, Theo Voster paid tribute to Nampo Cape and its success making the point that “Nation in Conversation is here to stay (at Nampo Cape). Despite the weather the “gees” at the show was phenomenal!