Sports Shooting

A dedicated sport shooting status is something which a number of shots have received and which brings with it a number of benefits in respect of firearms. More and more people show interest in participating in sports shooting and the status and type of sport can therefore be discussed. The number of people participating in shooting as a sport, has increased dramatically over the past 10 years, one of the reasons being Act 60 of 2000, which compels certain owners of firearms to participate in sports shooting. Should you wish to be the owner of more than one firearm of the same calibre, a dedicated sport shooting status is required in terms of legislation and you have to use your own firearms in practicing this type of sport. Most of us can also apply for a semi-automatic firearm license if you wish to use it for sports shooting.

The Act also makes provision for one handgun only for self-defence purposes, while you have to be a dedicated sports shot in order to apply for a license for the second handgun. If you wish to participate in shooting as a sport, you will require and use more ammunition than the ordinary occasional shot. The Act allows you to purchase more ammunition once you have been awarded the dedicated sport shooting status and should the firearm license have been issued under the dedicated status. It is therefore evident that participation in sports shooting has a number of advantages. You are allowed to own more firearms and you are allowed to keep more ammunition.

However, the benefits of sports shooting also bring more responsibility. In order to retain your dedicated sport shooting status, you have to participate in a number of shooting days or competitions every year. All sports shooting clubs do not have the same requirements in respect of being awarded the dedicated sport shooting status. Different clubs practice different shooting disciplines. It is therefore important to join the right club which offers the discipline which you would like to participate in. The Act is not the only reason for the increased participation in sports shooting over the past few years. Firearms and shooting equipment have improved dramatically over the past 10 years, with the result that shots can shoot faster, better and over bigger distances. Also, when we want to do something, we actually want to find out if we can actually do it. Shots get the opportunity at shooting clubs to improve themselves and their equipment, which resulted in an increase in the number of sports shots over the past 10 years.

Should shots wish to participate in sports shooting, they first have to decide about their interest and requirements. Clubs offering sports shooting, will not meet the requirements of the handgun sports shots. Fortunately, a large variety of clubs are available, which shots can join in order to meet their own unique requirements. Die different clubs also fulfill different roles. Yes, they create a safe environment for us to participate in our sport, but they also provide training.

If you want to shoot faster, further and better but you don't know where to start, your nearest Hinterland Arms should be your first stop. They will know the clubs in their area and the training and opportunities offered by such clubs. Hinterland Arms also work closely with the clubs in their area and will provide the contact details of the club which will meet your needs. Should you still not manage to shoot further and faster, Hinterland Arms will assist you with new equipment which will enable you to do just that