To the Portuguese islands with Senwes Grainlink

The prize was handed to the winner, Adél and her husband Hansie by Pieter Malan, Managing Executive at Senwes Grainlink on Thursday, 7 June.

They won it by answering two questions at the Senwes Grainlink stall at Nampo Harvest Day 2018. Easy enough? Think again. The first question was: Guess what the the national crop estimate will be for white and yellow maize on 29 May 2018. The second question was: What would the R/ton value be should a producer start harvesting grain at an 18% moisture content (± two weeks earlier) without paying drying costs? Adél's answers were 12,8 and R103, which were a mere 0.10861 (12.90861) and 48 cents (R103.48) from the truth. As a farmer's wife she could have said that she actually knew, but the truth is that she literally just guessed, after her daughter Janke convinced her to enter by answering the two questions at the double-storey stall at Nampo 2018.

The prize includes two return tickets from any airport in South Africa to King Shaka International Airport, as well as transport to the Durban harbour and back and a boat trip to the Portuguese islands from 8 to 12 November. After a short promotional video, Adél tells us that she is very excited about the prize: “If I can see the sea, I'm happy”. They are also looking forward to the activities on the MSC Sinfonia. The last time they were out of the country, was when they visited Zimbabwe in 1999.

“This prize was meant for us,” Adel said and explained that they could not celebrate their 30th anniversary properly during the drought in 2017. After 31 years of marriage she thinks they deserve this prize. "It would have been perfect if my daughter Janke could join us“,Adél said of their youngest child, a grade 12 learner at the Red School in Kroonstad. The couple also has a son Louis (26), an agronomist at Pannar in Bela-Bela, who is married to Leandrie. While Adél entered for the competition, Hansie enjoyed the 3D-silo experience. He became well known years ago at Nampo by weighing in at almost 180kg and annually won the prize for the heaviest person at Nampo. However, he has lost a lot of weight and is now more or less half the weight he used to be. Adel and Hansie live on the farm Weenen near the Senwes Grainlink Losdoorns silo, approximately 20km from Wesselsbron and 60km from Bothaville.

Congratulations Hansie and Adél and enjoy your belated 30th anniversary ... from Senwes Grainlink.