Senwes rewards loyal customers

This voluntary scheme can put an additional amount per ton into the pockets of all participating customers delivering grain and oilseeds to the silos of Senwes in the 2016/2017 season. 
The final bonus calculation will be done on 30 April 2017 and will accumulate annually in accordance with the extent of business done by the customer with Senwes.  If the scheme had to be applied to the previous year, customers would have earned as much as R54/ton on grain deliveries.
“Senwes focuses on its customer base in particular during these difficult times and the challenge has always been there to find a balance between all stakeholders, but particularly between the customer and shareholder.  The focus of the programme is to make a significant investment back to the customer base, thereby establishing a substantial fund based on the extent of business done with Senwes.  "Sustainable customers will create sustainable value", said Danie Minnaar, Chairman of Senwes.
“Although the AgriRewards-programme will be available to grain customers only during the 2016/2017 season, the intention is to gradually expand it to the benefit of all other customers of other business units of the Senwes group", Francois Strydom, Chief Executive Officer of Senwes, added.
The user friendly deferred bonus scheme will offer easy registration and access to customers on electronic platforms, subject to the acceptance of the applicable terms and conditions. The basis of the AgriRewards benefits and participation by other business units in the future will be determined and announced annually by the board. Customers will also be able to offer their accumulated bonuses as security for credit facilities at Senwes Credit, thereby optimising their investments.
All participating customers need to do to be considered for AgriRewards is to follow the easy registration process. To register, visit the following link: More particulars regarding the scheme will also be available on this site.