Senwes Call Centre: no boundaries to better service

  • 16 Julie 2021
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This pro-active approach to customer support is just one of the key benefits associated with Senwes Equipment’s revamped John Deere Call Centre that will be fully operational as from 1 August 2021.

By making use of the opportunities offered by technology to monitor and support precision farming machines remotely, using in-depth data analytics to optimise machine utilisation and effecting predictive maintenance the team at Senwes Equipment not only helps to reduce machine downtime but also prevent costly catastrophic failures.

According to Ferdie Pieterse, Managing Director of Senwes Equipment, the upgraded Call Centre at the Senwes Group’s headquarters in Klerksdorp, truly represents a dynamic hub of precision technology and technical experts making it possible to render a more effective and efficient service to John Deere clients.

Breaking new ground through smart technology

By making use of telematics machine connection technology (JDLink™) the Call Centre leverages a suite of remote in-the-moment support tools.

In the case of a technological or electronica issue, a signal is transmitted from within the cab to the Call Centre. This signal is translated into a diagnostic trouble code and subsequently prompts a service consultant to inform the owner of the machine in question as well as to commence with a remote diagnostic scanning process.

In taking this one level further, consultants then assess the situation to determine if a visit to the farm or additional diagnostics are needed. If a trip to the field is required, the data captured allows the technician to plan accordingly and bring the correct parts and tools with him to the field to fix the problem the first time around and reduce the impact of any downtime.

Other remote support tools include:

  • Remote Programming allows Senwes Equipment to push software updates to machines to remotely resolve defects or enable enhancements and new features.  Being able to perform this function remotely saves a technician from driving out to the machine, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

  • Remote Display Access allows Senwes Equipment to view an operator's screen remotely from the Call Centre.  Remote machine optimisation, recommendations and remote diagnostics can save time and can save cost in sending a technician out to the field.

  • Machine Dashboard allows Senwes Equipment to monitor the farmers entire connected fleet of equipment in one place with overall machine health as main focus.  This can help the farmer plan for maintenance during scheduled downtime.  With service consultant knowing the health of a farmer’s entire connected fleet, it also allows a technician to address any and all issues in the same visit, saving the farmer time and money.

According to Pieterse the Call Centre allows Senwes Equipment to serve as a pro-active precision farming partner. He furthermore says that although the idea of a precision farming call centre is not new, technology and improved internal processes and expansion allow for even greater service delivery and impact.

For more information visit or contact your nearest Senwes Equipment representative.

* The current harvesting season saw the Call Centre handling up to 900 calls a month. The Call Centre is operated by qualified level 4 technicians.