Throwback Thursday: The birth of the Senwes Spinners Cricket Development Programme

(adapted from Time Cultivates Winners. Senwes – A century of agriculture by Elize van Eeden)

A moment in history

In the Senwes Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, cricket development among the youth, underprivileged farm school learners in particular, was encouraged.

Players that showed the most promise were selected from 8 farm school in the North West and Free State. A team of twelve players was then selected from these schools and from the twelve, some exceptional players were identified and selected to further participate in a development academy for top players with the intention of polishing their skills and improving their batting and bowling.

Senwes, as initiator and main sponsor of the Senwes Spinners, provides financial and structural support to the programme since inception in 2006. During the tournaments, the players are each provided with sporting equipment and spinners gear. On one special evening, the players are taken out on a night on the town to enjoy a movie experience and thereafter, have dinner with some prominent cricket players who offer pearls of wisdom and motivation to the aspirant young players. The programme was to be revised every three years, and now twelve years later, Spinners keeps moving from strength to strength.