Fill the tummies with a Pork belly

They also mentioned that that this is not so popular in South Africa, but it offers something more than just chops and trotters.So, here it is. Pork belly - the part from which bacon is made.


1kg pork belly

1 red onion

Meat spice

Fresh thyme

500ml white wine


➊ Preheat oven to 200°C

➋ Cut pork belly into small pieces

➌ Rub with meat spice and herbs

➍ Mix with chopped onion and a teaspoon

of olive oil

➎ Place in a baking dish, onion at the

bottom and mean on top. Make small

cuts in the skin

➏ Roast for 30 minutes

➐ Pour win over the pork and decrease

heat to 180°C

➑ Roast for 40 minutes

➒ Should you prefer more crackle, place

the meat under the grill.

➓ Let the meat rest for 10 minutes and