Throwback Thursday: The 100-year Party

(Adapted from Time cultivates winners. Senwes – a century of agriculture)

Senwes chairman Johan Dique wrote a heartfelt letter to mark this occasion. In his letter he says:

“Senwes does not owe us anything, but the rewards are generous to those that give. Senwes came through 100 years of the establishment of agriculture in South Africa, from the pioneering era through to today that we chose to call, modern times of the free market economy. Senwes knows every season, survived every drought and every flood. Provided staple food to the country’s citizens through thick and thin and rewarded its shareholders for their investment. Provided careers to staff, suffered big losses during times that its leadership lacked insight and wisdom, but displayed the power of recovery when perseverance courage and faith ruled.”

As part of the 100-year celebrations, Senwes, in association with the north West Cricket Association, awarded prizes to spectators and cricketers during selected games at Senwes Park in Potchefstroom.  Every 100th spectator passing through the gates received a R500 cash voucher, whilst cricketers who scored 100 runs or more, received cash prizes.