39 John Deere Tractors at Agrivan Farming

Whole goods marketer at the Senwes Equipment branch in Hoopstad, Kwek Dietrichsen, sold 33 of the tractors in this fleet of John Deeres to the owner, Ian Isby, and his partner, Werner du Plessis.
Werner parked the 33 tractors sold to him by Kwek in a half moon-formation, which included 3 x 7200R models, 2 x 7210R, 9 x 6125M, 14 x 5076E and 5 x 5303 models, as well as a further 6 John Deeres forming part of the fleet - very impressive.

Praise for Kwek
Agrivan Farming bought the 33 tractors from Kwek from 2013 to 2016 and although Kwek is humble, Werner and the branch manager at the Hinterland branch in Hoopstad, Jaco van Graan, are full of praise for Kwek. Jaco says that Kwek's name is often mentioned when it comes to tractor sales. “This is a unit record, particularly in this area. Over the past four years we have not had a lot of rain and, taking this into account, Kwek still manages to sell a lot of tractors. He sells tractors every month - in September he sold tractors to the value of approximately R8 million. He does not only have customers, he has friends. This is what makes him so efficient.”
Kwek insists that this particular customer is serviced in the same way as any other customer.  “It goes about after-sales service. Although we often communicate telephonically, it is the relationship that matters,” Kwek says. He has been working at Senwes since 1999.
What makes him good is that he knows almost the total industry. He was spare parts sales clerk in Wesselsbron, then spare parts manager in Hoopstad as from 3 May 2005 - the  day on which they opened. He has been whole goods marketer in town since 2008.
According to Werner, Kwek gave a quotation for one tractor - it started with a 7200 and after that they started buying in bulk and they replace their fleet every four years.
Jaco is very happy with Kwek – “According to Kwek, Senwes converts customers to John Deere.  I think Kwek has a lot to do with it as well". Kwek says that it is Senwes Equipment's objective to maintain a 40% market share.  What is particularly satisfying is that a customer such as Agrivan, who used to buy from competitors in the past, has now converted to John Deere 100%.  "I can honestly say that Werner's blood is green."

Agrivan Farming
Agrivan has already embarked on its replacement programme. The first John Deere tractor was traded in at 3 750 hours and the replacement of the rest of the fleet has been scheduled.
Agrivan Farming is involved in potato farming and potatoes are being produced on 700 hectares according to a 7-year rotation programme. This unit, which consists of four farms, is in the Christiana area. They are also shareholders and members at Wesgro, the largest supplier of potatoes in South Africa. 
Relationships are important to Werner. Kwek has a long-term customer in Agrivan or, as Werner puts it, “Kwek has my fleet and the replacement programme. Tractor replacement is like the application of insecticides or fertiliser - something you have to do." He says that after they purchased the 14 x 5076E, everything started to fall into place. “The price was better, the guarantee was better, the rate, namely prime less 9%, and the exceptional trade-in value was better than the value offered by competitors," according to this good businessman.
John Deere – Emotion and sums
“Obviously there is some emotion when it comes to John Deere and it feels good to be green ONLY. John Deere speaks of quality. However, the sums have to work out as well. My son Werner (6) will never forgive me if I buy anything else. He will think there is something wrong with me." Werner has two other children as well, namely the eldest Anje and little Pieter.
“We have quite a significant fleet and after this year I can say in all honesty that, compared to everything in the same class, John Deere cannot be beaten." According to Werner they never went into this blindlly - facts are what matter. It is a win-win situation.
Senwes and John Deere customers
Agrivan is a large Senwes customer and it regularly supports the Hartswater and Hoopstad business units. In addition the Senwes Equipment business package is growing. 
With the next generation of producers growing up, Werner is positive that the green tractors will roar on this farm for years to come. “I would like to thank Senwes Equipment and John Deere. I have never doubted the answers I receive from them.  My son can also relax - John Deere it will be for the future."