John Deere retail outlet at Senwes head office

The Group Spares Manager: Senwes Equipment, Pieter Redelinghuys, predicted from day one that the shop would prove its potential.  Three months down the line he says: "The shop is doing good, sound business and has exceeded all expectations.  Senwes customers and members of the public have started to support us and our goal is still to gain even more customers.  A number of head office personnel as well as external personnel have also been supporting us". 
Stock range expanded
The stock range has been expanded with the latest John Deere camouflage range.  Shop assistant, Carisna Herbst, says that they have three John Deere camouflage jackets in stock, which include the rain-coat type hoodie and the warmer softshell jacket. They also have a range of camouflage caps.  Herbst confirmed that they are very pleased with the growth of the John Deere shop due to the regular support of personnel and visitors, some from far and wide.
In addition a range of stylish watches has arrived from Germany, which adds to the product range.  They also stock toys, such as yo-yo's, bags, sandals, etcetera for children.
Business hours
The shop will be open from 10:00 to 15:00 in future.