Bora was born to do this!

The gift of farming raining on him. Meet Bora Monyatsi, an energized young up-and-coming farmer!

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How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

The hunting season officially started on 1 May. I am sure all the rifles have been taken out and checked and that hunting trips have been planned in the finest detail.

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Lick Supplementations to survive the winter

Late rains has fallen over the country and brought some drought relief lately, but, although grass has started to grow, the rains came too late for the veld to completely recover and produce enough feed for the coming winter. Roughage reserves in the country are in general low and expensive after the drought and producers are worried that the limited amount of grazing available at the moment won’t carry the animals through the coming winter.

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True Happiness - Meiring has his community at heart

Another Senwes producer who supports his district

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2016 Free State Agriculture Young Farmer - a proud Senwes supporter

“I have always known that I want to farm! There is nowhere else where I want to be".

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Next Senwes Scenario is choc-full of info

The next issue of Senwes Scenario, out in June is brimming with information, news, opportunities to win and loads more.

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