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  • 21 May 2020
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AVC Food Umbrella radio interviews

Francois Strydom, Senwes Group CEO talks on various radio shows about the AVC Food Umbrella. This initiative is answering the call of Agbiz to ensure food security amidst the disrupted economic activities due to the lockdown, as a result of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 21 May 2020
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Raad vir klante | Die impak van COVID-19 op die ekonomie

Theo Vorster praat oor die impak van die CoronaVirus op die ekonomie. Hierdie is die tweede video in die reeks waar Senwes sy klante, primêre produsente en prosesseerders, raad gee oor hoe om die COVID-19 pandemie te hanteer.

  • 21 May 2020
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Rising electricity tariffs are a major constraint for agriculture and the overall economy

NERSA has announced its decision regarding Eskom’s Regulatory Clearing Account (RCA) application for the 2018/19 financial year. NERSA approved an RCA balance of R13,3 billion in Eskom’s favour. Eskom’s application was for R27.323 billion.

The previous season was characterised by extremes over the largest part of the Senwes area of operation. The rainfall figures, as well as the distribution of the rainfall, varied from reasonable downpours to very little rain due to the El Niño conditions which prevailed. ...