An innovative way to grow plants

While agriculture is one of the most important industries in the world, it is also one of the largest contributors to water contamination and global pollution. Overuse of pesticides and fertilisers, degradation of healthy soil, water overuse, shipping produce thousands of miles across the world where it often spoils before being eaten – these are all just some of the hidden environmental costs that need to be addressed quickly.

The aeroponic growing towers are a closed-loop system, recycling the water and nutrients with virtually zero waste. The patented growing system mists the roots of our plants with targeted nutrients, water and oxygen. This system uses up to 95% less water than field farming to grow high-quality produce faster and more efficiently, with zero pesticides. After testing hundreds of growth media for plants, a patented, reusable cloth medium made out of 100% recycled materials for seeding, germinating, growing and harvesting have been developed.

It takes about 12-14 days for baby leafy greens to grow at AeroFarms’ facility, compared to 30-45 days at an average outdoor farm. That quicker growth means food can be grown and supplied faster. They have grown over 500 million plants over the last year alone and over 300 different varieties, celebrating a rich biodiversity and harvesting not just the plants, but also the insights to ensure high-quality throughput all year round.

AeroFarms see themselves as a worldclass agriculture expert fundamentally changing the way plants are understood. At AeroFarms, horticulture intersects with engineering, food safety, data science and nutrition, giving them the unique capability to understand plant biology in an unprecedented way.

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