Autumn, harvest and Nampo

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer and the first signs of cold are here. It is the season during which farmers prepare for two important events in agriculture: harvest time and the Nampo Harvest Day. Nampo Harvest Day is a well-known event for farmers as it gives them the opportunity to view the latest technology and machinery.

It is easy to be ready for Nampo, since all you have to do is visit Nampo Park on one of the dates from 14 to 17 May. However, to be ready for harvest time, is a different story with many challenges.

It is always good to be prepared for harvest time and to do the necessary planning to ensure that the harvest takes place comfortably and without interruptions.

Some of the concerns of customers before the harvest is the state of their machinery to be used for the harvest. Questions which arise are usually: Has my machine been serviced? Are there signs of wear and tear or problems? Have the calibrations been done correctly to ensure optimum performance?

Well, Senwes has made it a priority to remove the concerns and doubts from harvest time. All Senwes workshops are equipped with skilled technicians, who can render service and offer inspection plans to customers and do tests on machines to identify problems, do maintenance to prevent standing time and to ensure optimal use of the machine.

The adjustment of harvesters and the setting up of precision equipment are also done in order to ensure that the correct information and data are available to customers. The inspection plans bring peace of mind to customers about their machines to enable them to focus on other aspects during harvest time. Any Senwes workshop can be contacted for more information about the inspection plans and to make an appointment.

All the best to our producers for the harvest of 2019. Please contact any of your Senwes Equipment workshops - we would love to assist you.