Centre pivot becomes entertainment area in a flash

They say that they first saw an ordinary platform on Facebook and promptly decided to take the idea "to the next level". They judiciously contact Agrico first, and received the proverbial green light from them to erect the entertainment area, on condition that nothing may be welded to the centre pivot.  No problem for the brothers, who matriculated at Kroonstad High School! They got going immediately and used everything, from corner iron, chicken wire and rectangular tubing to build the entertainment area and they bolted everything down to the centre pivot.

When I asked about the number of people who will be able to use the area at one time, the answer was: "After we built it, 14 farm workers jumped up and down on the platform and it withstood this test".

On top of the platform, which is more than 4 metres high, one can really relax. They jokingly add: "Pa Gert can sit up here and look at the maize. And when we want to loaf a bit, we will be able to see him approach from afar.”

They braai with family and friends over weekends. And when a Senwester comes to visit, such as this journalist, he is taken to the centre pivot 17 km away. Andrew Weber, Key Account Manager and Phillip Havenga, Relationship Manager, also visited the brothers on 14 February.

It is extremely peaceful on the platform and one can hear the wind rustling through the maize plants. The view is beautiful, with the Senwes Regina silo as part of the landscape. But where did they braai before they built this exceptional entertainment area? We used to put the portable braai on the lawn or braai in any open space in the veld when we were there.

With nine centre pivots on the farms Krugerskraal and Nederlanden, and three more being planned, you can be sure that the two fourth-generation producers will definitely build another one and will make further improvements on the first one with lights and fridges.  However, they are not allowed to draw power from the centre pivot.