COVID-19: Understanding, consideration and cooperation in Agri value chains imperative

  • 03 April 2020
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“In our endeavours, we have to acknowledge the interdependency of the agricultural value chain segments and the reciprocal effect that each has on the other. In our journey to stay economically sustainable as a sector, we should also be cognisant of producers as price takers who are currently absorbing a significant increase in inputs costs” says Jolanda Andrag, Agri SA Commodity Chamber Head.

Agri SA takes note of the Milk Producer Organisation’s (MPO) press release on price reductions in parts of the dairy industry.

“In the current uncertainty, when prices are reduced significantly on the supply side of the market without any notable changes on the demand side, it creates unnecessary frustration and additional economic strain on producers – it remains imperative to keep farmers in business to ensure the viability of the whole food system,” says Omri van Zyl Agri SA Executive Director.
Agri SA, alongside its members, will continue to work towards the competitiveness of the whole agricultural value chain.

Dr Chris van Dijk
MPO Chief Executive Officer
(S) 082 789 4499

Bertus van Heerden
MPO Chief Economist 

Jolanda Andrag
Agri SA Commodity Chamber Head
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Omri van Zyl
Agri SA Executive Director
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