How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

Let's have a look at silencers. Most shots of my generation (the wrong side of forty), are not comfortable with silencers.  Firstly they don't really know it and secondly, they did not grow up with silencers.  We still believe that a hunting rifle should have a wooden butt and not a synthetic butt.  
But let me reassure you - silencers really work.  Making the change will be worth your while - even if it is unpleasant to have the barrel of your favourite rifle threaded. 
The first fact about a silencer is that it does not sound the same as in the movies - particularly not in James Bond movies. A good silencer will muffle the sound by 20 - 25 decibels. It will also lessen the recoil.  The recoil of larger calibres, such as the 300 Win Mag, will be much easier to handle.
Silencers do not affect the accuracy of the fire-arm.  However, most hunters shoot better as a result of the lessened recoil of the rifle.
I experimented with my 308. Chris Hendrik, the 13-year old son of a good friend is, like myself, crazy about shooting. He shot at the springbok target from 300 metres with a 308, without a silencer.  One of the three shots fired was a bull's-eye and the other two ... well, we would have had to look hard to find the deer.
Then he tried shooting with a silencer. Three out of three shots were bull's-eyes. Not as a result of the muffled sound, but due to the lessened recoil. 
So, there is room for silencers at the shooting range and on the hunting ground. Make sure that you get the right silencer.  Silencers come in steel and aluminium. Weight plays an important role - find what is best for you.  Avoid the guy at the barbecue trying to convince you that it won't be too difficult to make a silencer.
Believe me, a lot of work and technology go into a good silencer.  The most important aspect is how to attach it to the barrel.  This determines the success of the silencer. 90% of cases where shots lost their confidence in silencers was due to the fact that the silencer was not perfectly attached to the barrel.  The threading of the barrel is of the utmost importance.  Remember, a silencer is actually an extension of the barrel.
Find a good gunsmith to thread the barrel of your rifle - this will determine whether the silencer will work or not.
To conclude - if you have not tried a silencer, do so.  You will be pleasantly surprised and yes, you will get used to the different look of your hunting rifle.  And you will shoot a lot better.
Hinterland Firearms sell an excellent range of silencers - contact them for more information. Hunting greetings, and as the man in Potch says, don't shake so much that you miss the target.
Jaco Kruger obtained his national colours in Benchrest shooting and represented his county on numerous occasions.  He is also an active SA Hunter member.