Senwes Answers the Call to Fill Cape Town’s Cup

In the spirit of embracing the ideology behind the organisation’s dedication to social responsibility, Senwes employees recently responded to a call to help Cape Town, which currently faces one of its worst environmental disasters, by initiating a drive for Senwes employees to donate sealed 5 and 10 litre bottles of water. Spearheaded by Senwes Marketing and Innovation, the drive yielded pleasing results with a total of 900 litres of water collected and trucked to Cape Town on Friday 9 February 2018. 

In September 2017, news networks reported that Cape Town is in grave danger of running out of water and in October of that same year, the water crisis was officially declared a disaster, making Cape Town the first city to face the danger of running completely dry unless strict water restrictions were implemented. Now as the dreaded Day Zero looms over the City, level 6B water restrictions have been implemented meaning each person per household is only allowed 50 litres municipal water consumption per day.

While the country moves in support of Cape Town, it is important to note the reality of water scarcity across the entire country. The tenacity of the South African farmer who rises above low rainfall statistics, remains productive and continuously provides good quality products should also be acknowledged.

Should you wish to make a difference, visit and discover new, fun (and slightly odd) ways to save water that you and your organisation can implement to join Senwes in our bid to be more water wise.