Senwes Group improves trend-setting login process

What is OneAgri?
OneAgri is a registration procedure where a user/client receives one identity/profile with which they can logon to different platforms of the Senwes Group. The user’s cell phone number is their key and various authorisation methods (password, PIN code, OTP) is then used in conjunction to authorise transactions, sign contracts, access market information, etc.
What are the advantages of OneAgri?
- One identity for various agri-platforms 
- One time logon to different platforms 
- Different authorisation methods
- User and cell phone friendly 
It’s all about convenience!

Which platforms are driven by OneAgri?
Currently AgriRewards, Hinterland and Nation in Conversation make use of this convenient functionality. TradeVantage and MySenwes will soon be driven by OneAgri as well, which means that the same logon details can be used on these platforms as well.
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