Senwes serves from farm gate to mill-door

Senwes celebrates 110 years

May 2019

With a rich and proud history stretching over 110 years this company is deeply rooted in South African agriculture.

More about Senwes
The Senwes group of companies rests on three pillars - financial and technical services, input supply and market access. The company's main business units are known as Senwes Credit, Senwes Equipment and Senwes Grainlink. 

Senwes Credit offers a series of unique and effective financial products to producers, such as production loans, month accounts, long-term credit arrangements and hire purchase transactions. Senwes Credit also makes financial arrangements with off-takers of grain to extend bridging finance to cover the operating costs of their businesses. Senwes Credit also renders specialised agri-economic services such as viability and feasibility studies, financial farm management programmes, performance and technical analyses and comparisons.

Senwes Equipment is an agri-equipment and services partner which offers mechanisation and maintenance solutions. This business unit is also the exclusive John Deere agent in the southern part of South Africa. Senwes Equipment assists producers with solution-driven services to increase their profits and to keep their production costs as low as possible.

Senwes Grainlink specialises in the handling and storage of grain and oilseeds and is positioned between the producer and the off-taker. This department handles grain on a centralised basis, although the procurement action has been decentralised. As a result of producer-specific contracts and trading solutions, the producer can optimise his harvest due to the availability of extensive price determination products and strategies. 

The company is firmly anchored in agriculture and focused attention is being afforded to sustainable solutions for customers, which symbolise the heart of the company.