The debate on which handgun is the best

I am sure everyone knows the difference between a revolver and a pistol. But how do they work? What happens inside the gun before the shot is fired? And why is this information important when it comes to buying a new weapon?

Most revolvers can fire six shots before it has to be reloaded. A revolver's ammunition is stored in the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled, the cylinder turns to allow the next round to move in between the barrel and the firing pin.  It is quite difficult to pull a revolver's trigger, since it has a dual-action effect. Pulling the trigger has to turn the cylinder, cock the hammer and only then the shot can be fired by pulling the trigger even further. Revolvers are generally also designed without a thumb safety-catch. 
Revolvers are easy to handle. It is a simple weapon and you merely have to pull the trigger hard enough to fire the weapon. Revolvers come in different sizes - from hunting hand weapons to relatively small weapons.  They have very few moving parts and a small revolver is a comfortable weapon to carry around and can be fired quickly, if the trigger is pulled hard enough. But it has its limitations. The fact that it can only fire a few shots, and the safety aspects of a revolver are its biggest disadvantages.

Yes, some pistols can only shoot six shots before you have to reload, like revolvers. But there are also pistols which can shoot as many as 19 shots before you have to reload. Pistols have a different action than revolvers.  The capacity of the ammunition is not the only difference between the two weapons. 

Pistols are semi-automatic weapons which can reload themselves after each shot. Before it is fired, the shot has to cock the pistol.  It carries the first round from the magazine in the chamber of the weapon and it will cock the firing pin of the weapon. The firing pin is cocked automatically after the first shot and the next shot can be fired by merely pulling the trigger. Pistols are designed with a thumb safety-catch or a finger safety-catch or both.  Since pistols are safer and can store more ammunition than revolvers, it is a good weapon with good advantages. 

What does one have to bear in mind when you want to buy a hand weapon? Let's look at a few things to consider in making a choice of a hand weapon. 
The best hand weapon is the one that you can carry on your person and use comfortably. 

It serves no purpose to own a hand weapon if it is not comfortable. It will also serve no purpose to keep a large, bulky hand weapon in the safe because it cannot be carried around comfortably. 

Secondly, you have to choose a hand weapon which you can work with comfortably. 
Can you load, cock and make the weapon safe? It is very important for ladies to choose a pistol which they are able to cock.

Thirdly, your weapon has to fit your hand and body.  If you are comfortable with the grip and the natural direction of a weapon, you will be able to shoot accurately. The weapon has to fit your hand and your body. Decide where you want to carry the weapon and how you want to carry it.

If the weapon is comfortable, you will be able to handle it and if it fits you, it will be the best hand weapon, for you!