Senwes Equipment provides tips for a trouble-free planting season

Senwes Equipment workshops would like to give you a few tips and proposals in respect of your John Deere planter and sprayer for the upcoming season, which will bring you the necessary peace of mind.

  1. Have you checked seed tubes and metering units and has calibration been done to ensure optimal plant density and spacing?
  2. Have the necessary adjustments been done on coulters (seed and fertiliser) according to your requirements and specifications?
  3. Have all drives and bearings been checked and are they in working condition?
  4. Have hydraulic systems been checked for possible leaks on your planter and tractor and are all systems in working order?
  5. Has your John Deere sprayer been checked recently by your workshop to ensure that the correct quantities of herbicide and insecticide are being applied? Has a nozzle flow check been done?
  6. Has your planter monitor been tested and adjusted to ensure the correct application of seed and fertiliser if variable planting is done?
Senwes Equipment workshops now offer an inspection programme which ensures a 70-point inspection of your John Deere planter. This inspection will bring you peace of mind to enter the planting season with the necessary confidence. A 150-point planter inspection is also available for peace of mind during the most important part of your planting period.

Please be assured that you can request assistance from any of our 18 Senwes 

Equipment business units in the Senwes area.

For any enquiries, please contact your nearest Senwes Equipment Workshop.