Senwes website refreshed

The goal
The aim of the initiative was to redesign the website with the end-user in mind, thus focusing on the products and services provided by the group of companies. This process also focused on reducing the amount of pages on the site by packaging and organising relevant information more effectively.

On the home page
Users can still find the latest market information on the home page and have an overview of the six main focus areas of the website. Direct links to some of the most sought-after information is also a convenient feature of this page.

The navigation
An improved navigation was implemented to ensure that subsections are more visible and users get to the desired information without hassle. The aim was to position the most visited pages first and to not have more than three subsections. Fewer subsections on a website reduces the possibility of information being hidden and improves the overall accessibility.

The search
Users can also depend more on the search function. This improved feature seeks relevant information, pages and contact numbers and provides search results within seconds.

The contact book
Another new feature added to the site is the contact page that lists the various business units with their contact numbers. Users can also search for business units or specify a radius to see those units close to them.

The sitemap
A sitemap is also available to help users familiarise themselves with these changes. This sitemap outlines the structure and various subsections of the website to get to the desired information in the blink of an eye.

Visit the website

Any inquiries regarding the website can be directed to Johan le Grange (Jnr) at 018 464 7521 or Muhammad Amod at 018 464 7331.