Hinterland part of annual shooting competition

On this day shooting will take place from 100 m, 200 m as well as 300 m on the range. The day promises to be a challenge with a large variety of targets which will be shot at. Each shot will require a total of 15 rounds for the day. 
Divisions in which prizes can be won will be: Seniors, Open, Ladies, Junior Rim-fire, Junior Air-gun and Junior Hunting Rifle.
In the past as many as 120 shots participated in the competition.  Attempts are being made to involve surrounding towns as well in order to have at least 200 competitors on the day.  Any person with a hunting rifle can enter.  The range has been planned in such a way that it will ensure a level playing field for shots at all levels. 
The entry fee for the day will be R300 for early entries, accepted until 20 August 2016.  From 21 August until the day of the competition, namely 27 August, the cost will be R350 per entrant. The cost of a braai pack for the day is not included.  Please note that should an entrant not stay for the prize-giving ceremony, he will forfeit his prize.  There will also be hidden prizes and lucky draws, which means that anybody can win a prize on this day.  Braai-packs will be available from the tuck-shop on the day. 
For more information, please send an e-mail to bhvskiet@gmail.com or contact Christo Roux (Chairman) at 082 926 4366 or CP Scheepers (Secretary) at 079 717 3830.