Hunting Time

Just the thought of hunting raises a number of new ideas. Sitting around a camp fire, looking at the stars, listening to the noises in the veld early in the morning and to hunt your buck. However, hunters are careful not to think of some aspects. We don't like to be reminded of the long distance shot which did not work out last year, and the short distance shot after a long day's walking, which just made the day so much longer.

What can we do to prepare better, to prevent such ideas haunting us next year? Are the mistakes we make in the hunting field just part of the hunt, or can we prevent these mistakes?

Of course we can prevent most of the mistakes with the necessary training and planning.

The choice of a rifle and bullet is probably one of the first decisions to be taken before we go on a hunt. If the hunter knows a specific rifle and calibre, half the battle is won. The best calibre is always the one with which you shoot best. Choose a bullet with which you can kill the animal as fast as possible. An accurate rifle and a bullet which does what you want it to do, most of the ghosts are banished.

Shooting practice before the hunt does not have to stop at shooting the rifle in at certain distances. Practice to shoot from different positions which you may require to do. Don't shoot from a concrete table if you are going to the Eastern Cape. Don't shoot from the back of a bakkie if you are on your way to Limpopo. Adjust your rifle and practice your shots as you would use them in the veld. If your fire enough shots from hunting positions, you will soon learn the furthest distance you will be able to shoot in the veld.

Planning a successful hunt does not have to stop with hunting your buck. Standing next to the buck after the hunt is the most valuable time. There in the veld, next to your buck, you understand that God gave you power to take a life. The responsibility which goes with this power, is huge. Hunters want to carry this moment with them for a very long time.


22 kg Biltong meat
680 gr course salt
1/2 table spoon of black pepper
1 packet baking soda
1 1/4 cup of pan-fried coriander
1/2 teaspoon sodium nitrate
1 table spoon brown sugar

Mix all the spices
Layer a dish with the spices and put a layer of meat on top of the spices
Sprinkle spices over the meat
Pour vinegar over the layer of meat
Pack layers of meat one on top of the other, until all the meat is used
Turn the meant over 12 hours later and pour the liquid over the meat.
Hang in a well ventilated room after 12 hours.
Let the meat dry to taste