Lock down your spray investment

A key in controlling drift is to use best management practices, from very basic to more advanced practices. For instance, a simple part of spraying is calibration. Even the best units need fine-tuning before they actually hit the field. Nozzle selection is also an important aspect because different nozzles produce different droplet sizes. For optimised pesticide efficacy, different nozzles should therefore be used with different pesticide applications.

Applicators also need to make sense out of which adjuvants are required with application and how to best use them. Adjuvants are designed to provide significant benefits to applicators by improving pesticide spreading, wetting, canopy and leaf penetration, and adhesion. All are key to effective pesticide coverage. When used properly, they help pesticides to perform at their maximum efficacy. 

The disadvantages of driftable fine droplets
The loss of fine droplets due to drift is a significant contributing factor to poor pesticide efficacy. It has four main disadvantages, namely:
1. Decreased coverage on target weeds and crops.
2. Decreased droplet penetration lower down in the crop canopy.
3. Increased evaporation of fine droplets.
4. Drift and possible herbicide damage to non-target crops.

A large percentage of pesticide sprays may be lost due to drift and evaporation of fine droplets. This has a direct influence on production costs and crop yield, mainly through:
• Loss of the pesticide in the crop target area, and possible damage to non-target crops.
• More competition from weeds, less insect and disease control, all of which have a direct negative impact on crop yield.
• Multiple pesticide applications, with all of the associated costs.

INTERLOCK provides a solution
INTERLOCK is a unique, new generation adjuvant that reduces the volume of driftable fine droplets in spray applications. It locks in deposition and depth of canopy penetration, while locking out drift. Pest control is increased and therefore it has a direct positive effect on yield. 

Advantages of using INTERLOCK
• New technology in South Africa.
• Reduced spray drift and evaporation, increased canopy penetration and deposition.
• Easy to use and a low use rate.
• Does not increase the viscosity or compatibility of the spray solution.
• Does not change the spray pattern of nozzles.
• Can be used with any spray nozzle, including the air-induction versions.
• Does not shift the droplet spectrum to ultra-coarse droplets that are prone to bounce and run-off, but rather works on the small droplets making them slightly larger.

Interlock has been used successfully in the United States and is poised to change the local crop protection market in South Africa for good. It works effectively with fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. 

Interlock will lock down your spray investment, lock out drift and lock in improved coverage and effectiveness!