Senwes Grainlink: Your business partner in agriculture

Senwes Grainlink understands the producer’s need to get his product to market as fast as possible to optimise the price advantage, especially during these tough drought conditions. 
Previously maize with a moisture content of 16% was accepted, this has been increased to 18% while sunflower seeds were taken in at 11% moisture content, which has been upped to 12%.
These cost-saving measures have been passed on to the producer in an effort to provide some relief to embattled farmers currently struggling under the worst drought conditions since the eighties! 

This concession is a result of Senwes’ 3 year capital programme at a cost of R100m which focussed on improving aeration and speed of intake. Senwes is currently in the second year of the programme.
Aeration has several advantages for the grain and oilseed producer. The advantage to harvest grain earlier includes pricing benefits, restriction of the loss of actual moisture as well as harvest losses which could have a negative impact of between R50 and R70 per ton. The loss could be drastic if the crops are left on the lands unnecessarily long. The Americans estimate that up to 4% of actual loss per month can be avoided if corn is left on the lands longer than necessary. The financial impact is self-explanatory. 
In the case of soya beans and sunflower, the losses can be catastrophic due to the bursting of pods and losses suffered due to foraging birds. Several other advantages can be had by harvesting crops as soon as possible. The drought has had the added impact of swarms of birds laying waste to large areas of sunflower fields.
Senwes Grainlink is aware of the plight of our producers during the drought, which is why we are going the extra mile to stand by them in their hour of need.
The new tariffs will come in to effect on 1 May, producers, may already deliver maize with 18% moisture provided that there is capacity at the silo. Should the aeration capacity be exceed, the usual aeration tariff will be applied. 
Contact your silo manager to make the most of these advantages!