Throwback Thursday: The logo of 2008/2009. Senwes transforms anew

(adapted from Time cultivates winners. Senwes - a century of agriculture by Elize van Eeden)

A moment in history 

To celebrate the 100 years of Senwes in 2009, the Senwes logo that was changed in 1997 was updated in 2008. With the official introduction of the new company logo during the year, the Managing

Director, Johan Dique, said the following about the Senwes trademark: One of the most important findings was that the Senwes trademark is established very strongly and well throughout the market. The name itself achieved icon status in the agri business sector and should not only be maintained, but also be developed even further. It has been decided the trademark has to be refreshed to adapt to modern times. The new logo is a clear, strong-letter logo and is an excellent example of absolute simplicity and inspiring symbolism.  The style and form of this updated logo reflect the present: bolder stronger technologically oriented, but still accessible. This thought was also expanded to the revised which is striking and current.  We have not undervalued our roots in the design, green still remains dominant.

To contribute to the impact of the new timeless trademark, new sub trademarks and names were also designed in which success and recognition of the Senwes customer base were emphasised. These sub-brands are the following: Senwes Grainlink (replaced Senwes Grain and symbolises the link between product and off taker); Senwes Village Grocer (as a new trademark for the retail stores) want to portray freshness and wholesome products. Then there is also Senwes Credit for the Credit Department and Senwes Asset Finance.