5 tips on how to avoid phishing

Phishing is a technique and/or the fraudulent action of sending emails, purporting to be from well-known companies, in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

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BPI wheat harvest tour 2019

  • 22 November 2019
  • 1167

The BPI wheat harvest day took place on the 18th of November 2019 on the Pudimoe farm in Taung. Senwes joined hands with BPI in support of the development of black commercial farmers in South Africa. Listen to Morgen Bonnanye, Managing Director of BPI who tells us more about this initiative.

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Bultfontein Boertjiefees a huge success!

  • 06 September 2019
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Senwes was once again a proud sponsor of the annual Bultfontein Boertjiefees which took place on 30 - 31 August 2019. The show, held at the Bultfontein show grounds attracted the Bultfontein community as well as people who came from outside of Bultfontein.

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Throwback Thursday: Senwes Village in the free market system

The transformation of Senwes as a non- profit-seeking service organisation into a freee market service organisation into a free-market enterprise that had to pursue profits had the following far-reaching consequences for the company:

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Nation in Conversation explores the wheat industry

Many people refer to wheat as the staple food of the world. In this episode, leading wheat farmer in the Bloemfontein area, Frikkie van der Merwe takes us through the process of wheat farming. We also visit FG La Pasta, a sophisticated pasta factory in Gauteng.

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It is time for some digital housekeeping

“South Africa is the second most targeted country in the world when it comes to cyber-attacks and has the third highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide. "

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Surviving the winter. What are the challenges?

  • 09 Mei 2019
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Although much has been written about the subject of how to survive the winter, it remains a huge challenge for every producer, the reasons being that feed is probably the largest cost component for the cattle farmer and the fact that no two winter periods are ever the same.

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Throwback Thursday: The 100-year Party

Senwes’s official birthday was celebrated on Friday 15 May 2009 with a big birthday party for Senwes staff. This festive event was complete with birthday cake, colourful balloons and streamers to top it all off. Every Senwes employee had the opportunity to share in this occasion as business managers collected party packs for each of them, which they took home after the main event which was held at head office.

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Throwback Thursday: Senwes and the client/shareholder

The client as producer and/or shareholder in the Senwes company is an indispensable link in the existence, achievements and level of service rendering of the company. In 1909, when the current company stood in its child’s shoes, the number of members was a much greater indicator of the performance and growth of the company than in the years after 1937, when the company still had to be built and producers recruited to be clients and providers of grain.

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Throwback Thursday: The logo of 2008/2009. Senwes transforms anew

As a commitment of the company to good relationships with people, the logo of the company was used regularly as an emphasis to formulate annual marketing slogans (also called campaign or advertising themes), for example “Senwes says thank you” and “Senwes gives/ploughs back”.

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