Senwes Supports AgriSecurity!

Senwes Credit’s Head of Agri-Finance, Francois de Kock, who was part of the Senwes team on the day, said security in agriculture was vital: “Agri-security is critical for our business - we all need to support security in agriculture. The producers are the cornerstone of the economy and they provide food security for the nation. If they are not safe and cannot produce, we all suffer.”

AgriSecuritas Chairman, Japie Grobler, echoed Francois's comments at the evening function. “There is crime all over the country. However, the brutal violence that accompanies farm crime makes it different and it is unacceptable. The cost of crime in 2017 alone equates to R7,7 billion in lost revenue. It is one thing to condemn crime, but you have to do something about it also, and all of you at this event have contributed to doing something,”

“I wish to send a heartfelt thank you to the Senwes CEO and board of directors for their support,” said Japie.