In the next Senwes Scenario

In the latest edition of Senwes Scenario, we take a closer look at the tobacco and wine farming industries. We see gravely they have been affected by the ban on the sale and transportation of alcohol and tobacco products as part of the government’s bid to flatten the curve of Covid-19 infections in the country.

This edition also delves into the startling reality of South Africa’s economic decline. We have in-depth article dissecting the latest StatsSA report revealing that any average person living in South Africa needs a minimum of R585 per month to afford enough food to meet the minimum required daily energy intake needed to survive.

We reflect on The Agri Value Chain Discussion Series and the lessons learnt from its 14-episode run. Through the series, we discovered the depth of the agricultural food value chain and came to understand the value of supporting local produce. Senwes Equipment takes us through the necessary equipment inspections that producers need to do in preparation for the planting season.

We give you an update on the latest in the Senwes and Suidwes merger and clarify Hinterland’s position and prospects.

Look out for all these stories as well as the interesting reflections from our regular columnists and contributors in our Spring Edition. Download the digital Senwes Scenario from the Senwes and Scenario websites.