Senwes partners with INFINIDAT

Alf White, Group Executive - Information Technology at Senwes, said, “As Senwes grows, so does the volume of data we generate and use, making storage and accessibility increasingly difficult to predict in terms of capacity requirements. We realised a storage solution was needed that offers more flexibility and allows for expansion without a large initial capital outlay.” After careful consideration, Senwes turned to INFINIDAT as its data storage solution outperformed every other vendor in terms of performance, price, scalability and reliability.

Hayden Sadler, INFINIDAT Country Manager for South Africa explained, “We provided Senwes with an InfiniBox F4000 solution, which immediately made available the 300TB capacity Senwes needed, while including 700TB of useable capacity for future demands. Senwes’ storage requirements are now covered for the next 7 years – at least.”

According to White, backups that used to take 15 minutes, now take less than 30 seconds to complete, adding to the overall efficiency and minimised downtime of the solution.”  

For Senwes, IT plays an integral part in the success of its business operations and enables core business functions to be executed efficiently and effectively.  Senwes IT functions as a centralised provider or ‘shared service’ within the group structure, delivering a full spectrum of IT services to the various areas of business across South Africa.  

Senwes can now react proactively to any potential issue in their environment, thanks to continuous monitoring of the solution which alerts Senwes to any variances – even issues such as temperature.