Centre pivot becomes entertainment area in a flash

Senwes Scenario met two young farmers, Willem (21) and Gert Junior (19) Stols, on their farm approximately 6 km from Nampo Park near Bothaville. These two producers had the brainwave to create an entertainment area in their fields at the end of January 2017. On top of a centre pivot!

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Agri-Hertzogville Wins R10 000 from John Deere Finance

The Agri-Hertzogville Farmers Union sent a 45-strong contingent to attend the inaugural Senwes Equipment Expo at Nampo Park on 8 and 9 February this year, earning the union a cool R10 000, courtesy of John Deere Finance.

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In the next Senwes Scenario

In the April/ May 2017 edition of Senwes Scenario there is a lot of agri news.

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2016 Southern African Stud Breeder of the Year

Senwes Scenario visited the 2016 Southern African Stud Breeder of the Year, Johan Styger, to learn more about this top breeder and to understand his way of thinking.

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Senwes website refreshed

The new Senwes website is live. With this change comes a more understandable structure and an improved user experience.

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Sunflower time - bird hunting time

Thanks to a better rainfall pattern than the previous year in large parts of our area of operation, sunflower crops are looking promising. However, it is not clear as yet who the owners of the sunflower seeds are. Is it the farmer's crop, or pigeon food, which looks so promising at present.

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Nation in Conversation is everywhere

The new series of Nation in Conversation takes viewers on a journey through the beautiful rural areas of South Africa and the different industries, characteristic of the different regions, are investigated.

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Your grain marketing advisor at Wesselsbron has tons of experience

  • 10 March 2017
  • 3485

Danie Pretorius was promoted to the position of senior grain marketing advisor at Wesselsbron in July 2016. Just the right man for the position!

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Sea, sun and white beaches spoil Senwes Equipment winners

R80 000 Mauritius holiday as good as a second honeymoon

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Westfert Dome towers above Hoopstad

  • 08 March 2017
  • 9349

Producers travelling through the Free State must have seen the enormous white structure of the Westfert Dome just outside Hoopstad. Approaching this Free State town, the massive fertiliser store is visible from a distance of 10 km.

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On their way towards greatness: Senwes helps emerging farmers

A number of emerging farmers are being supported by the Senwes Development Programme. But how does the program actually work?

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Army worms in summer grain area

  • 09 February 2017
  • 3697

Armyworms have been identified in certain areas of the summer grain region

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Eskom ready to cut the power of 10 municipalities

Eskom is ready to cut the power of 10 municipalities in the Free State and North West provinces as a means to recover outstanding debt.

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BERNINA kyk terug op 69 jaar

Dit is die jaar 2016 en BERNINA RSA kyk terug oor ‘n tydperk van 69 jaar se aktiewe betrokkenheid by die naaldwerkgemeenskap dwarsoor Suid-Afrika.

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39 John Deere Tractors at Agrivan Farming

The sound of 39 tractors roaring on a potato farm will have you in awe. This is what Senwes Scenario experienced when we visited Agrivan Farming near Christiana.

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It's fly time with Hinterland

Unfortunately, this isn’t an article about your next summer holiday. It’s all about that pesky fly and the hundreds that seem to gather in our homes every summer.

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Senwes producer very positive about AgriRewards

AgriRewards according to Pierre van Eeden, the first Senwes producer who joined the scheme. According to Pierre from the farm Heuninglaagte in the Edenville district, the decision to join AgriRewards was easy. Particularly because 80% of his farming operations involve crop farming and the fact that the AgriRewards bonus scheme had been rolled out to grain customers first.

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Senwes Group improves trend-setting login process

Tired of having to remember numerous passwords? What about just having one identity which can be used on different platforms? OneAgri is the answer!

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Farmers and Agriculturists receive highest honour in agriculture

The Agricultural Writers SA acknowledged outstanding achievements of commercial farmers, new entrants into commercial agriculture, and agriculturists during the awards evening held on Friday, 11 November 2016 near Pretoria.

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Win Big with Senwes Equipment and John Deere Introducing the three winners!

One of the highlights of 2016 was undoubtedly the 3-tiered Senwes Equipment and John Deere competition which generated lots of excitement. Here are the winners.

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In the next Senwes Scenario

Large parts of the land has been blessed with rain recently after we’ve emerged from probably the worst drought in recent memory.

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New drought product performance

A quick first year performance review of the new insurance product, Vegetation Revenue Cover, launched by Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Advisors South Africa (Pty) Ltd in partnership with Guardrisk Ltd last year this time.

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Krone - It’s a new world record

Krone Comprima turns out 149 bales in one hour.

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Careful planning is of the utmost importance

The previous season was characterised by extremes over the largest part of the Senwes area of operation. The rainfall figures, as well as the distribution of the rainfall, varied from reasonable downpours to very little rain due to the El Niño conditions which prevailed.

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Long-distance calibre choice

This is one of the most discussed subjects which have yielded the least answers. Calibre choice is a broad subject and finding the right solution will take much longer than just one evening's discussion around the braai. It has been discussed extensively, without a final answer at the end of the hunting weekend.

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John Deere 9570RX - The Prince of Tractors

For a city boy surviving his second year in the platteland, it takes a lot for me to be impressed with anything vehicular I might not have spied on the speedy highways of the city of gold. However, nothing I have experienced in Egoli prepared me for the sheer thrill of seeing the John Deere 9570RX tractor.

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Wat gaan die uitkoms van die nuwe seisoen wees?

  • 12 October 2016
  • 6081

Above average rainfall was received during the first two months of the season over the traditional Senwes area of operation.

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In the next Senwes Scenario

Don’t miss the October/November issue of Scenario which is choc-ful of interesting articles.

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13th Senwes Young Farmer Future Focus with Nation in Conversation

This year it was time for the 13th Senwes Young Farmer Future Focus when the event took place on Tuesday, 13 September at Nampo Park near Bothaville.

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Spring donation cheers-up many

On Tuesday, 6 September, Senwes Grainlink and Tradevantage spread the Spring fever among the hearts of children and adults by donating several hampers containing mielie meal and blankets.

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Finansiële Resultate met Francois Strydom

In order to put a year such as this into perspective, nothing should be evaluated in isolation. You have to establish first where you are in a longer cycle.

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John Deere retail outlet at Senwes head office

The new John Deere shop at head office opened its doors at the end of March this year and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

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Senwes Spinners celebrate 10 years at the crease

The Senwes Spinners Cricket Development Programme, in partnership with Northwest Cricket, celebrated its 10thanniversary this year and is regarded as one of the best farm school cricket development projects in South Africa.

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Protecting the seeds of growth in South Africa and beyond

For the past 22 years, Villa Crop Protection has significantly contributed to South Africa’s agricultural industry via its unique and innovative approach to crop protection.

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Hinterland part of annual shooting competition

The Bothaville Hunters' Association, in co-operation with Hinterland and InteliGro, will be presenting their annual shooting competition. It will be held on 27 August this year at the Marouzlansrust shooting range, approximately 17 km from Bothaville.

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Senwes rewards loyal customers

Attention all grain customers - Senwes introduces the Senwes AgriRewards deferred bonus scheme which will offer Senwes Grainlink customers the opportunity of earning good deferred bonuses and utilising the benefits thereof. Senwes wants to reward its loyal customers in this way.

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Bora was born to do this!

The gift of farming raining on him. Meet Bora Monyatsi, an energized young up-and-coming farmer!

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How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

The hunting season officially started on 1 May. I am sure all the rifles have been taken out and checked and that hunting trips have been planned in the finest detail.

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Lick Supplementations to survive the winter

Late rains has fallen over the country and brought some drought relief lately, but, although grass has started to grow, the rains came too late for the veld to completely recover and produce enough feed for the coming winter. Roughage reserves in the country are in general low and expensive after the drought and producers are worried that the limited amount of grazing available at the moment won’t carry the animals through the coming winter.

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True Happiness - Meiring has his community at heart

Another Senwes producer who supports his district

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2016 Free State Agriculture Young Farmer - a proud Senwes supporter

“I have always known that I want to farm! There is nowhere else where I want to be".

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Load development - Part 2

As far as load development is concerned, it is also important to minimise the vertical distribution of shots of the same load as far as possible. The shots must, as far as possible, be on the same horizontal line on the target but the horizontal distribution should also not be too wide should environmental conditions such as wind, mirage and light not have had a significant impact. This process can be explained meaningfully by making use of the following example.

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Load development - Part 1

The development of a load for a specific rifle is, however, often easier said than done! There is no easy technique and time on the shooting range is inevitable. The time on the shooting range should, however, be approached in the correct manner in order to ensure that the cost saving objective of reloading ammunition does in fact realise.

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The Senwes Scenario platforms are abuzz

After the launch of the new website and app on 18 February this year, the number of readers increased to an astonishing 18 000 users. 94% of these users were new to the platforms and the platforms were visited 21 907 times during March 2016.

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Next Senwes Scenario is choc-full of info

The next issue of Senwes Scenario, out in June is brimming with information, news, opportunities to win and loads more.

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Nation in Conversation boasts new app

Join the conversation by downloading the new Nation in Conversation app from the different app stores now! As promised, this app contains everything an agricultural enthusiast would need to be part of all the panel discussions during Nampo 2016.

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Pitfalls in short-term insurance

When I started writing this series of articles I was convinced that all matters relating to short-term insurance could be covered in three or four articles. However, this is the ninth article and the end is still not in sight.

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Win Big with Senwes Equipment and John Deere

In Celebration of the new Trademark for the Senwes’ Mechanisation Division, the Group is proud to launch the Senwes Equipment brand! To mark the launch of this new brand, the division has teamed up with John Deere to bring new and existing clients an exciting epic competition with incredible prizes.

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Senwes Grainlink introduces innovative technology at Nampo

Senwes Grainlink will be introducing innovative new technology at Nampo this year. The Grainlink stall at the Nampo Harvest Day will be manned by competent procurers and silo personnel and will definitely amaze visitors with their new 3D and application technology.

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Hinterland, new game farming component for Nampo

Hinterland is excited about the availability of large exhibition areas in the Hinterland Hall (old Senwes Hall) at the Grain SA Nampo Harvest Day.

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Striking up a conversation on agriculture

Nation in Conversation will again be at the NAMPO Harvest Day to discuss topical issues in the agricultural sector. South Africa's top thought leaders will be gathering to be a voice for the producer and his key partners and to encourage and stimulate debate with South African consumers.

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How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

I receive many questions about the use of a silencer. Will it really silence the rifle? Does it lessen the recoil?

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Supa-Kill, your preferred choice

Supa-Kill is a natural food source for rodents and therefore it is much more acceptable for rats. The bait is wheat impregnated with the active ingredient. We recommend that the bait is used where there is little or no competition for food, e.g. dog food, rice, corn or bird seed.

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Future Focused on Opportunities - The 4th Industrial Revolution

In an effort to ‘turn down the heat’ of this recent heat wave, by midday I found myself drawing the curtains across the windows through which I normally welcome the sunlight and the fresh green and white palette of my garden filled with iceberg roses out front.

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Know the implications of your 2016 firearm law

South African gun owners are all abuzz about the changes made by the South African Police Services on the 3rd of February 2016, to the Firearms Control Act (Act 60 0f 200).

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Senwes Grainlink: Your business partner in agriculture

Senwes Grainlink is focused on the complete needs of the client. You can now deliver maize with a moisture content of up to 18% and sunflower seeds with a 12% moisture content, with no aeration costs, at your nearest Senwes silo.

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Senwes Grainlink launches a must-have app for all grain stakeholders

Whether you dabble in the SAFEX (South African Futures Exchange) on the JSE, wheeling and dealing in moving grain commodities across the country or, indeed the world, or whether you’re a consumer of grain products, you need to download the new free Senwes Grainlink App.

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How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

A client recently asked me how often one should clean one's hunting rifle. A number of people won't agree with what I am going to say now, but it has been proven over and over by Benchrest shots throughout the world - the cleaner your rifle the better you will shoot.

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Look out for the next Senwes Scenario

In the April/May edition of Senwes Scenario we focus on Nampo, the agricultural industry’s biggest annual show, which celebrates its 50 year anniversary this year. We also have a look at the Huntex exhibition and much, much more.

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The fumigation of grain

Senwes Scenario had a chat to the Chief Fumigator in Klerksdorp, Renier Vermaak, in an attempt to learn more about the fumigation of grain.

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Where there's a will there's a way

A journey to a better quality life. After the recent success of Carel Botma's series of articles in a local newspaper, the Veldbrand, we decided to include Botma's articles in the Senwes Scenario.

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Senwes Grainlink provides more assistance to produces

Senwes Grainlink has announced that there will not be an increase in its handling and aeration costs of sunflower seeds and it will accept seeds with a higher moisture content.

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Help Hinterland and Senwes collect water for drought strickened areas

Hinterland and Senwes have kick-started campaigns to collect drinking water to areas that are affected by the current drought.

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How do I make my hunting rifle more accurate?

I don't know if you are aware of the fact that the wearing of hunting/shooting goggles has become compulsory at all SA Hunter shooting ranges and competitions from 1 January 2016.

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Senwes Scenario's new app and website is here

The new agricultural news app, Scenario Magazine, is ready and waiting for your downloads in the various app stores.

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Kroonstad, a precious stone indeed

You really have to mine deep to find a truly valuable precious stone. This relates beautifully to Kroonstad - this area is undoubtedly a precious stone.

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Game keeps the Crous brothers on track

Game is undoubtedly the focal point in the farming operations of the Crous brothers. These driven brothers are Kobus (49), David (47) and Riaan (43). Their success is due to the fact that they have been farming jointly since 1992 and particularly due to a decision 14 years ago, in 2002, to convert to game farming, which they are now reaping the benefits from.

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No Makietie for Mukhithi

From security to a love for farming. But Phillip Mukhithi just goes from strength to strength with all the effort he puts into farming. Phillip is a truly inspirational developing farmer.

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Meet the new Hinterland MD

Senwes Scenario met up with the newly appointed Managing Director of Hinterland, Daan Bronkhorst.

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Interim results with Francois Strydom

Senwes Scenario had a chat to the Senwes Group Chief Executive, Francois Strydom, regarding the interim results.

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Noodfonds vir droogte by R3miljoen

Bydraes vir Senwes en Agri SA se droogterampfonds stroom in en is sterk op pad na R3 miljoen toe.

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Senwes se Nasie in Gesprek toon merkwaardige groei

Nasie in Gesprek het reeds in 2013 begin met die eerste produksies wat by die Nampo Oesdag as Senwes Toekomsfokus Gespreks-forum afgeskop het. ʼn Afrikaanse insetsel is op die Dagbreek-program uitgesaai.

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First Black Miller puts Ventersburg on the map

At first glance when you meet the owner of South Africa’s first wholly black owned milling plant, Xolani Ndzaba, you immediately realise that his success had to have started a while back already.

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Baie diepte op hierdie Vlakplaas

Op die Vlakplaas, die een net buite Hoopstad, boer die Barnards, met Koos Barnard aan die stuur van sake. Soos jy aangery kom, begroet die rye Honey Locust en dennebome jou wat jou reguit na Vlakplaas neem.

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Die huidige droogte gepaardgaande met hoë temperature is een van die ergste natuurrampe die afgelope 20 jaar.

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Bestuur van menslike hulpbronne en die ontwikkeling van nuwe produsente

Landbou moet as ‘n loopbaan vir die opkomende produsente bemark word. Sonder landbou kan ons nie eet nie. As almal hande vat en saamwerk, lê ‘n blink toekoms voor.

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If the rains do not come soon, South Africa and its consumers will face serious difficulties

Special drought aid fund established to help alleviate the plight of farmers and support the agricultural sector to maintain food security

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